The Armoured Company of the Sword is proud to be Ottawa’s premier armoured sword fighting organisation. We have been training students in the National Capital Region since 1999.



06-09-16: Next round of classes at Algonquin College and Plant Recreation Centre are loaded! The Algonquin class GEN0088 starts us Wednesday September 28th at 7pm, and will run until November 9th. Level 1 and Level 2 at Plant will start up again on September 25th at 10:30am and 1:00pm respectively, and will run until December 18th. Sign up and secure your spot today!

05-07-16: This weekend July 9th & 10th is the annual Osgoode Medieval Festival! Our ring is setup and we will be putting on full armoured combat demonstrations. Come check us out and talk with our Knights and Squires! Also, the next round of classes at Plant Recreation Centre are open for sign ups! Classes start July 17th, the week after Osgoode! Sign up and secure your spot in class today!

08-06-16: This Weekend June 11th & 12th is the annual Upper Canada Medieval Festival! We will have our ring set up and be doing  demonstrations of Half-Sword, Longsword, and Arming Sword both in and out of Armour.  So come, take some pictures and video, feel free to say hello and talk with us! We hope to see you there!

29-03-16: The next round of classes are loaded at Plant Recreation Centre and Algonquin College! Level 1 and Level 2 at Plant are loaded Sundays starting May 1st. Level 1 at Algonquin college on Wednesdays starting on May 18th. Sign up to secure your spot today!

26-01-16: New pictures are up on our Flickr account, from both Osgoode and a recent class. We have also uploaded new video from our demo for Breast Cancer Action! Algonquin has loaded a Level 2 course starting on March 9th. So if you’ve been unable to join us at Plant on Sunday’s for Level 2 sign up and join us for Wednesday Class at Algonquin!

18-12-15: Happy Holidays from the Armoured Company of the Sword! Latest round of classes have wrapped up, and we’ll be starting back up in January. Algonquin classes starting up on Wednesday January 13th, and classes at Plant starting up on Sunday January 17th. Sign up today! We hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, and we look forward to crossing swords in the new year.

22-09-15: A big thanks to all those who came out and helped with the demo in Prescotte! Videos and Pictures to be posted soon. This coming Saturday September 26th we will be at St.Louis Bar and Grill on Baseline Rd in Ottawa for their fund raiser with Breast Cancer Action. The knights of the ACS will be there beating each other senseless for your donations. So come cheer us on and help Breast Cancer Research!

15/09/15: Saturday September 19th the ACS will be at a Medieval Fair hosted by St. John’s Anglican Church in Prescotte Ontario. The fair runs from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, we hope to see you there. Don’t forget to sign up for classes at Plant Recreation Centre starting THIS SUNDAY Sept 20th.

08/09/15: Sign ups are open for the next round of Level 1 and Level 2 classes at Plant Recreation Centre! Starting up Sunday September 20th, 10:30am – 12:30pm for the Level 1 and 1:00pm – 3:00pm for Level 2 for only $100.00. Sign up today!

10/08/15: Classes at Algonquin have finished up. The next Level 1 class starts up at Algonquin on September 9th with the new semester. Sign up today through the Algonquin registrar.

04/08/15: Two new Events added for the month of September. Come join us at a Medieval Fair in Prescotte, and at St. Louis bar and grill Breast Cancer fundraiser!

23/07/15: Videos from the Osgoode Medieval Festival have been posted to our YouTube channel, please check them out!

06/07/15: This Saturday and Sunday is the Osgoode Medieval Festival! This year is the First Annual Marshal Bill Memorial Tournament! To honour Bill Fedun, one of the founders of our group. It is scheduled for Saturday at 1:15pm. At 9:30am on the Saturday and Sunday we will be giving our full armour combat demonstration. After the demonstrations, stick around meet the knights, talk with students from the classes. We look forward to seeing you there!

23/06/15: A big thanks to all our members who helped out at Upper Canada’s Medieval Festival! Videos have been posted to our Youtube page, and pictures will be up shortly. The next round of Level 1 and Level 2 classes will be starting up at Plant Recreation Centre on July 5th, running until August 30th. Sign up Today!

06/03/15: This weekend the ACS will be at the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival! This year we will be doing our full armoured demonstration on the Saturday, Sunday, and for education day. So come check us out! Talk to the knights and meet people taking the class. We look forward to seeing you there!

13/04/15: Level 1 and Level 2 classes are open for registration at Plant Recreation Centre! This coming round of classes starts on Sunday May 3rd! Sign up now and lets have some fun!

08/04/2015: Classes at Algonquin will be starting up on April 29th. Sign up and secure your spot today!

02/01/15: Happy New Year from the ACS! Classes at Algonquin College are starting up Jan 7th and classes at Plant are starting up on Jan 18th! Sign up and secure your spot!

30/09/14: Saturday October 3rd is Heritage Day in the township of Russell. The ACS armoured fighters will be at the Russell House pub putting on a live steel demo, armour try on, and even a short class on sword fighting. Come on out and see us!

20/08/14: Videos from Osgoode have been uploaded! There are a lot so go and check them out! Also the class page has been updated with the new dates for classes starting up this September. Sign up asap, and I look forward to seeing you all in this latest round!

22/07/14: The pictures from Osgoode are up! A big thank you to those who provided us photos! Videos of Osgoode will be up soon. If you have any photos you’d like added to the galleries please let us know.

16/07/14: Another Osgoode Medieval Festival has come and gone. We thank all those who came out to cheer us on in the sun, and in the rain! We are currently collecting and organising pictures and videos that will be posted soon. And feel free to checkout our classes on Sunday at Plant Recreation Centre from 10:30 to 3:00!

08/07/14: The next round of Basic and Advanced classes have started at Plant. There are still room in both classes, if you have not yet signed up please do!
This weekend July 12th & 13th is the Osgoode Medieval Festival! Come see our live steel fight demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, after the fights stay and meet the knights! So come out see the fights, meet the knights, and enjoy the revelry!

11/06/14: A grand time had by all at the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival. Thank you to all Swords and Squires who attended! Photos have been uploaded!
Another Advanced Class will be starting up at Algonquin College on Wednesdays starting June 18th, be sure to sign up! Next round of Sunday classes at Plant will be starting up July 6, be sure to join us!

13/04/14: We have new Photos and Videos from our live steel demo from Temple’s Sugar Bush. Go check them out!

28/03/14: New round of basic classes beginning at Plant Recreation Centre and Algonquin College! Starting Sunday April 27th at Plant, and Wednesday April 30th at Algonquin College.
Advanced classes will be starting up at Plant as well on April 27th. Jeff has developed a new curriculum for the Advanced class that brings in Talhoffer half-sword and Liechtenauer long sword. We look forward to seeing Swords old and new.

02/01/14: Happy New Year from the Armoured Company of the Sword! We hope the holidays have treated you all well. With a new year comes a new round of classes. Basic classes will be starting up at Algonquin College on Wednesday January 15th. Basic and Advanced classes will be starting up at Plant Recreation centre on Sunday January 19th. Sign up now! Bill and Jeff are looking forward to seeing faces new and old!

28/11/13: The Pumpkin Massacre ended with many of the Orange Hoard slain! New pictures have been added. Bill, Jeff, and Brenda will be at PopExpo on December 7th and 8th selling swords, armour, and promoting class. So if you’re attending and have questions, or looking for Christmas gifts, drop by the South Tower Armouring Guild booth!

20/10/13: This year the Great Pumpkin Massacre will be held on Saturday November 9th! If you can assist with setup or hauling pumpkins, please email Marshal Bill! Advanced class starting up again at Algonquin College! Oct 30th- Dec 11th we look forward to training with you all.