Historical Fencing Instructor Profile-Jean Vaillancourt

Jean is the crisis safety instructor who, with fellow fencing instructor Bill Fedun intitiated the first historical fencing classes to be offered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2002.  With the Police and Public Safety Institute’s approval, Jean and Bill offered a general public workshop on basic skills on the use of the Japanese katana sword as well as the European hand & a half broadsword with shield.

With 25 years experience as a frontline Crisis Interpersonal Safety Instructor developer/deliverer and as an experienced martial artist (jiu-jitsu/kenjutsu),Jean considers himself more of a martial analyst than an “artist”.  Jean brings an unwavering passion towards instructing the safe handling and actualistic use of historical fencing techniques. Personally favoring the Japanese longsword & armour for his own sparring engagements, Jean is a great believer in hands-on experience with accurate replica weapons and armour. Astonishingly enough, Jean has been unable to find (to this day) other Japanese sword instructors worldwide willing to don real armour and rebated sword to actively spar in real-time with real techniques. Hence,this is why instruction and mutual training were offered to help dispel the myths of the sword perpetuated by the flashy movie industry and unregulated martial sport clubs.  Jean will be your chief instructor for the katana sword use.

Jean, having spent the last 4 years in accident rehab due to a nasty head-on collision will be returning to the training floor in 2013. His doctors credit his athletic conditioning developed by a lifetime of weekly vigorous exercise with the sword in saving his life…also the chainmail he was wearing at the time. Ask Jean if historical fencing is useful…